Rules of Bingo

Play Bingo

To play Bingo (European mode), 90 numbered balls and at least one bingo card per player are required. Each card has 15 numbers divided into 3 rows (5 numbers per row).

The goal of the game is to be the first to complete 1 line, 2 lines and the entire card (bingo) as the balls come out.

The rules of this game are similar to: American Bingo (75 balls), Tombola, Lottery

Purchase cards

To start playing, you only need to buy one or more cards before the countdown ends. You can buy from 1 to 24 cards per game.

Cards are organized in series of 6 cards that contain all numbers from 1 to 90 without any repetition.

How to play Bingo

If you have bought at least one card, you will start playing in the next game of the room.

The game unfolds automatically. No extra action is required from the player (no marking numbers, nor “calling” the prizes).

The cards will change color as they are completed:

The first player to complete a line, 2 lines and bingo will get the corresponding prize. If there is more than one award-winning bingo card, the prize is distributed between the winners.

The prizes depend on the number of cards purchased and are distributed as follows:

The bank receives a 12% of each card sold.

How to win the jackpot

The jackpot is a prize that keeps going up game by game in each room independently.

To get this prize, a player must call bingo before a certain number of balls. This value starts at 50 and increases one by one in each game. When a player wins the prize, the counter restarts.

How to play in several rooms at the same time

To play in several bingo rooms at the same time, you just have to buy cards and change rooms.

Experience points and ranking