Rules of Dominoes

Play Dominoes

Dominoes is a board game played with 28 numbered tiles and originated from the dice games.

The objective of the game is to first place all your tiles on the table and score the points of your opponents' tiles.

These are the classic rules of Dominoes: 4 people play in pairs and the first to reach 100 points wins.

How to play Dominoes

The rules are very simple. Each player draws 7 tiles randomly at the start of a round.

End of a round

The round ends when one of these situations happens:

  1. Dominoes: if a player places all their tiles on the table, they win the round and score the points of the other players' tiles.
  2. Game closed: if no one can place more tiles, the game is “closed”. In this case, the player or team with the fewest number of points in their hand wins the round, and scores the points of their own tiles and those of their opponents.

In case of a tie, the “hand” player or the one that is closest to him/her wins.

In the next round, the player on the right of the “hand” player starts with the tile they want.

End of the game

The game ends when a pair gets the necessary 100 points to win.

Experience points and ranking

You already know the rules of Dominoes. Now play to get experience points xp, level up and get better in the ranking.

Action Points
Play a game14 xp
Win a game23 xp
Win a round3 xp
The tiles at the ends match1 xp

Players who leave the game will not score any points.

Get extra coins and experience by completing game challenges.