Règles de Escoba

Jouer à Escoba

The game of Escoba (“broom”), also called “Escoba of 15” or “Royal Escoba”, is a variant of the Italian card game very popular in Spain and some areas of Latin America.

Autres jeux aux règles similaires : Scopa (Italie), Escopa (Brésil)…

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Objectif du jeu

4 personnes jouent par binôme avec le jeu espagnol de 40 cartes (8 et 9 non incluses).

The main objective of the game is to get the cards on the table. To do this, you must combine a card from your hand with the cards on the table so that they add up to 15.

The points depend on the cards obtained and the actions performed. Le premier binôme à atteindre 11 points remporte la partie.

Valeur des cartes

Image Carte Valeur
Roi d Roi 10
Cavalier de coupes Cavalier 9
Valet de denier Valet 8
7 d Reste des cartes Votre propre valeur

Comment jouer au jeu Escoba

The game begins by dealing 3 cards to each player and placing 4 cards face up on the table.

  1. Each player in turn will try to complete a combination of 15 points to get the cards.
  2. If a player cannot make any combination, they must discard one card and place it face up on the board.

When the players have no more cards, 3 cards are dealt again to each player. This is repeated until there are no cards left in the deck.

At the end of the round, the player who made the last move draws the remaining cards from the table. After this, the round is scored, and the deal progresses to the next player on the right.

If both teams exceed the point limit at the end of the game, the team with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the following order will be considered: number of “escobas”, number of deniers, number of sevens of deniers, number of sevens and number of cards.


If a player manages to combine all the cards on the table (“sweeps” the table), they get a “escoba” and score 1 extra point.
« Escoba » en main
Sometimes, the dealer may score 1 or 2 brooms with the cards he has just placed on the table. This move is called hand “escoba” (“hand broom”).

Nombre de points

After each round, players score points according to the cards and “escobas” obtained.

Cartes Points
Escoba 1 point
Toutes les cartes de deniers 2 points
Le plus grand nombre de deniers 1 point
Also in case of a tie
7 de denier 1 point
Tous les 7 2 points
Le plus grand nombre de sept 1 point
Also in case of a tie
Le plus des cartes 1 point
Also in case of a tie

Points d'expérience et classement

Tu connais déjà les règles du jeu Escoba. Jouez maintenant pour obtenir des points d'expérience xp, augmenter votre niveau et améliorer votre classement.

Action Points
Jouer à une partie18 xp
Gagner une partie30 xp
Escoba2 xp

Si un joueur quitte la partie, aucun point ne sera attribué.

Gagnez des pièces et de l'expérience supplémentaires en relevant des défis dans le jeu.