Rules of Chinchon

Play Chinchon

Chinchon is a card game played with the Spanish deck (also known as Txintxon or Conga) belonging to the same family as Gin Rummy.

The objective of the game is to combine your 7 cards before your opponents do it. The possible card combinations are: three of a kind, four of a kind or straight flushes (3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit).

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Choose a deck of cards

Spanish deck Standard deck

Spanish deck

This game is played by 4 players individually with the spanish deck of 40 cards (8 and 9 not included).

The wild card is the 1 of coins and replaces any other card.

1 of coins

How to play Chinchon

With these rules, the player who starts playing in the first round (the “hand” player) is decided by drawing lots. In the next round the player on his/her right starts.

In his/her turn each player must:

You can “close” the round by dragging a card to the closing position if the following rules are met:

Show combinations

After closing, players must show their combinations one by one. The other players can discard any card they have failed to combine.

Count up points

Players will add as many points as the cards they have in their hand and will be eliminated if they exceed 50 points.

The value of the cards is as follows:

Card Points
From 1 to 7 The value of the card
Jack, knight and king 10 points
1 of coins (wild card) 25 points


If a player exceeds the points limit and is eliminated, they may return to the game if they pay the necessary coins. The player returns with the same points of the player who has the most.

End of the game

The last remaining player wins.

Experience points and ranking

You already know the rules of Chinchon. Now play to get experience points xp, level up and get better in the ranking.

Action Points
Play a game19 xp
Win a game32 xp
Close a round3 xp
Discard a card1 xp

Players who leave the game will not score any points. Except if they have been eliminated from the game.

Get extra coins and experience by completing game challenges.