Uno classic

Rules of Uno classic

Play Uno classic

Uno classic is a card game, that is similar to UNO for 4 players.

Like Dominoes, you must try to play all of your cards before your opponents and collect the points of their cards.

With these rules, four players play in pairs. The first pair to reach 100 points wins the game.


Uno classic uses a special deck of 108 cards divided into 4 colors: blue, yellow, red and green.

Image Card Description Amount
Cards from 0 to 9 Cards from 0 to 9 Each card is repeated twice except for zero. 76 cards
“Skip turn” card “Skip turn” card A player is skipped. 8 cards
“Change of direction” card “Change of direction” card The game direction is changed. 8 cards
“Draw 2” card “Draw 2” card The next player is forced to draw 2 cards and pass the turn (see special moves). 8 cards
Wild card Wild card The color is changed. 4 cards
Wild card +4 Wild card +4 It changes the color, forces to draw 4 cards and pass the turn (see special moves). 4 cards

How to play Uno classic

All players start with 7 cards and the player who starts the first round is randomly chosen.

Special moves

Last card and end of round

When a player plays their last card, they win the round and the winning pair scores the points of all the cards that were left in hand.

Card Points
Cards from 0 to 9 Its own value
“Skip turn” card
“Change of direction” card
“Draw 2” card
20 points
Wild card
Wild card +4
50 points

Experience points and ranking

You already know the rules of Uno classic. Now play to get experience points xp, level up and get better in the ranking.

Action Points
Play a game8 xp
Win a game14 xp
Win a round1 xp
Play a “draw 2” card1 xp
Wild card +41 xp

Players who leave the game will not score any points.

Get extra coins and experience by completing game challenges.