Rules of Ludo

The objective of Ludo is to take your 4 pawns from home (or yard) to the finish line going across all the board before the opponents.

How to play Ludo

In their turn, each player rolls 2 dice and may move 2 different pawns if they want to.


When two pawns of the same color coincide on a square, it is called “blockade” or barrier, and block the passage of any other pawn.

Capture pawns

A player may “capture” or “eat” a pawn of another color if it is on the same square. The captured pawn returns to its home and has to start over.

Reaching the finish line

When a pawn has crossed the whole board of Ludo, it can enter the finish line.

Experience points and ranking

You already know the rules of Ludo. Now play to get experience points (xp), level up and get better in the ranking.

Action Points
Play a game38 xp
Win a game63 xp
Capture a pawn4 xp
Reach the target with a pawn5 xp

Players who leave the game will not score any points.